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24 June 2010 @ 05:41 pm
list of blog crew - part 1  
list of my blogcrew.since it eating up my profile =w=

Oshitari Kenya Zaizen Hikaru PoT Pairing blog crew

SiegKR Den-O blogcrew

MONOchrome・MAMMON (VIPER)・Katekyo Hitman Reborn

« kaitou wanijima » Air Gear


[Shirogane Naoto] Blogcrew

{ Byakuran } + Katekyo Hitman Reborn

『Yoite』 Nabari No Ou blogcrew

AURORA Disney Blogcrew

It doesn’t matter if I forget [Ichiru Kiryuu]   , I’ll just fall in love with him/her all over again!

Hirata YuuichirouSeigaku (4th cast) Tenimyu Blog Crew 2008

« [Ciel Phantomive] is My Alter Ego »

« [Yukimura Seiichi]
is My Alter Ego »

[chrome dokuro]
completes me



『LELOUCH LAMPEROUGE』『Code Geass Blogcrew!』

Code Geass << Kouzuki Kallen >>

[ Bleach ] Blogcrew {KUCHIKI RUKIA}

« HIKARI is my anthem »

Katekyou Hitman Reborn Rokudou Mukuro

『Rokujou Miharu and Ichijou Takuma』 fucked me in the backseat

{Sora Takenouchi~} of the Digital World {digimon blogcrew~}

I hold the Crest of Love

VAMPIRE KNIGHT (Kiriyuu Ichiru)

Shiki Senri ♥'s Ichijou Takuma Vampire Knight

I AM [ICHIJOU TAKUMA] OF [VAMPIRE KNIGHT] d.gray-man/vampire knight blogcrew !

Saying I Love You doesn't mean a thing to me unless it comes fromSHIKI SENRI's mouth -

When my finger bled, [SHIKI SENRI] came to  suck it up


[Hibari Kyouya] [Katekyou Hitman Reborn]


« [Hibari Kyouya] is My Alter Ego »

I am the "HIBARI KYOUYA" of LJ.

The red string of fate brings [Dino Cavallone]and I together


§ ±DINO CAVALLONE± and I cooked Fetucinne for dinner §

I had my first kiss with『Dino Cavallone』

I stayed up all night with [Dino Cavallone] and we [talk each other about our future family]

»*I Slept with [TYL!Dino Cavallone] so I /know/ he/she WILL call me BACK!«

I wanna be »» ¤ ¦[ DINO CAVALLONE ]¦ ¤ «« ’s ¤~kitty~¤

I kissed [Dino Cavallone] on the cheek but didn't get away with it!

Even on a dark and empty street, [Dino Cavallone] will hold my hands and lead the way.

DINO CAVALLONE caught my heart...

❝ TYL!DINO CAVALLONE ❞ is the reason I smile

To {Ai-chan}, I’ll always, always be by your side No matter how far your heart strays
Love, {Dino Cavallone}

 Whenever I am sick and choose to remain in bed, [Dino Cavallone] refuses to leave my bedside

I would cross the s e v e n seas just to be with 〈Dino Cavallone〉

There are two traits in ¦« DINO CAVALLONE's »¦ character which are pleasing;
namely, he admires me,
& drinks no cream in his tea ¨

Photobucket「DINO CAVALLONE」 is my one & only

   I know that whenever I'm in a pinch 『TYL!Dino Cavallone』 will come and save me Photobucket

[Dino Cavallone], Say it for me say it to me I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth saving me

I can still see you wherever you are
even in the C R O W D
because every part of you is written
Dino Cavallone's

I am DINO CAVALLONE's cute little turtle

⌈ When I started looking forTRUE HAPPINESS I started TO THINK that I wanted to be in♥love and be loved♥back. And then I started to appreciate all of your STRENGTHS and the WEAKNESSES you tend to keep hidden. YOU LAUGH & YOU CRY and show me the REAL YOU and so I love "DINO CAVALLONE" just the way "YOU/HE/SHE/ECT""ARE/IS/ECT" ⌋

I hug a PLUSHIE of [♥ TYL!Dino Cavallone ♥] when I sleep

 [DINO CAVALLONE] would protect me in my awakening and my slumber In all my dreams and reality They would protect me for my life and my death Nor they want me to be fragile

[TYL!Dino Cavallone] akan menjagaku di bangun dan tidurku Di semua mimpi dan nyataku Ia akan menjagaku tuk hidup dan matiku Tak ingin, tak ingin ku rapuh...

So take me far away, 【DINO CAVALLONE】
And hold me close to your heart
And do me just this little favour
For I do, yes I do love you

  Let's see if «TYL!DINO CAVALLONE» can rescue me

When I couldn't sleep, [TYL!Dino Cavallone] stayed awake with me and kept me company

If [Dino Cavallone] jumps, I'll Jump too. we will fall together ♥

-*I Fell in Love in love with you suddenly Now there's no place else I could be but Here in [DINO CAVALLONE]'s arms

I want ☾DINO CAVALLONE☽ to kiss me in the rain

DINO CAVALLONE & and I shared his coat.

"Little darling,
it's been a long cold lonely winter."


I kissed ☆ TYL!DINO CAVALLONE ☆ wearing, ö [ CARAMEL FLAVOR ] ö flavored lipgloss

TYL!Dino cavalloneCome over, come over - How can I show you if you're not here?

★☆I →dream← about TYL!Dino Cavallone everyday☆★

At my Graduation party, [TYL!DINO CAVALLONE] asked me to dance with him outside~ because dancing under the stars is really pretty♥

I'd Do Anything! [Just to hold you {TYL!DINO CAVALLONE}in my arms]

I'm never gonna give [DINO CAVALLONE] up,I'm never gonna let him/her down, I'm never gonna run around and desert him/her.I'm never gonna make him/her cry. I'm never gonna say goodbye. I'm never gonna tell a lie and hurt him/her. {to try to make you laugh, but somehow I can't put you in the past~}

I'd Do Anything! [Just to fall asleep with {ROKUDOU MUKURO}] Will you remember me? {Cause I know, I won't Forget you ♥}

-*Please forgive me if i seem FORWARD But I've never been infront of anything like [ROKUDOU MUKURO]; It's the last place i'd ever thought I'd be {When I woke up this morning}

ROKUDOU MUKURO looks beautiful because I love him

I know [Rokudou Mukuro] has a crush on me~♥

i'm falling even more in «love» with Rokudou Mukuro

♥ When I first saw you, a miracle (a miracle) ♥ «ROKUDOU MUKURO» I love you baby and I'm never gonna stop

[Rokudou Mukuro] my drug of choice...

[TYL!Rokudou Mukuro] likes to tell me he/she loves me

§{TYL!Rokudou Mukuro} & I made a CONTRACT to be together 4eva~

.:♥ I went on a
date with [ROKUDOU MUKURO] to [MEGA MALL] and it was [DORKY] :.♥


I'll keep « TYL!Rokudou Mukuro » as my dirty little secret

Saying I Love You doesn't mean a thing to me unless it comes from ROKUDOU MUKURO's mouth -

Boom boom boom, I want 『 Rokudou Mukuro 』 in my room

↨☼♣[ROKUDOU MUKURO] bought me P O R N ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

But, ROKUDOU MUKURO, when I go to sleep at night and close my eyes, all I can see is you .

【Rokudou Mukuro】 likes it when I call him/her "MUKKUN" ~

Dino Cavallone said please don't slow me down if I'm going too fast last night; in my bedroom

Rokudou Mukuro said please don't slow me down if I'm going too fast last night; in my bedroom

[Hibird] @ KHR どうぶつ Blogcrew