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09 January 2011 @ 02:12 am
YeWook : Resignation  
Title : Resignation

Genre : Angst

Pairing : Yewook, slight Kyumin,very slight Sibum.

Rating : beetwen PG or PG-13 ?_?

Warning : Character Death

A/N : I finally decided to post this.This is my entry for SapphirePearls's 5th giveaway,and luckily,I won the 2nd place!:D/ .Was gonna post this on Yesung's birthday...but I think this is too sad to be posted on his birthday,so I wrote a new one for his birthday.The title was randomly taken from Yesung's solo on SS2,Resignation lol.Hope you enjoy.As always,apologize for grammar mistakes :)

Disclaimer : None of these people are mine

“Lets break up....” , Ryeowook said to Yesung coldly,with an expressionless face.

Yesung froze for a while,he tried to calm himself down before started to speak , “Why Ryeowook?Why?Tell me you’re kidding...please...” , Yesung placed his hand on Ryeowook’s shoulder.

Yesung didn’t expect Ryeowook would slap his hand away.

“I...I don’t love you anymore....I like someone else....sorry Yesung,and....goodbye...” , that was the last words from Ryeowook before he turned and run away from Yesung’s side.

Yesung only stood there in silence...he didn’t understand at all...

Everything beetwen him and Ryeowook was so fine...if you don’t want to call it ‘perfect’

Yesung loved and adored Ryeowook so much.....and he was sure...that Ryeowook did too...

Yesung always treated Ryeowook as his precious...his fragile diamond....

Yesung didn’t even know if he did something wrong...and Ryeowook didn’t even give him a second chance

And now...that perfect relationship had ended

~1 year later~

It had been one year and moths since Yesung broke up with Ryeowook.

Tomorrow would be Yesung’s 26th birthday.

Yesung was still single until now...he had no interest in love and be a succesful salesman in the company he worked in instead.

“Hey,Yesung!, called Siwon,one of Yesung’s friend from the same company.

“Yeah?” ,replied Yesung.

“Tomorrow is your birthday right?Got any plan?” , asked Siwon.

“Errr...no...” , Yesung said lazily and kept concentrating on his works.

Yesung didn’t feel excited for his birthday at all...its the first birthday he would spend without Ryeowook beside him.

Siwon frowned at Yesung’s blank expression , “Come on!Tomorrow is your birthday!At least be a bit cheerful!Wanna join me and Kibum to go drink tonight?” , asked Siwon.

“Drink?sounds nice...” , said Yesung.

Yesung didn’t have any plan for his birthday at all...usually he would always celebrate his birthday with Ryeowook....a simple celebration...yet that was enough to make Yesung happy.

And so Yesung accepted Siwon’s offer to drink along with Kibum that night.


The Next day,Yesung woke up with a heavy feeling in his head...he drank a lot with Siwon and Kibum last night...but he ended up being left alone because Siwon and Kibum had a private bussiness to do.

“Argh...” , Yesung groaned , “I shouldn’t drink that much...stupid...” , he cursed at himself.

Today was Sunday,so Yesung didn’t have any works to do....

And also Yesung’s birthday,but yeah...he didn’t have any plan for his birthday...because if he spent his birthday that usually he spent with Ryeowook...it would just hurt him and remind him of Ryeowook after all.

He decided to just stay at home without knowing what to do.

He got up from his bed and checked his cellphone...a lot of missedcalls and birthday messages...but he didn’t even bother to read the messages or call back.

He went to make breakfast first,a simple breakfast,a toast with coffee...and then went to take a bath.

He felt fresh after done take a bath.

He opened his cupboard to search for clothes....there he accidentally took out one shirt...a simple red shirt....but that was a gift from Ryeowook for his 23th birthday which he still kept until now.

“Damn....” , Yesung said as he threw the shirt to the floor.

He then walked out from his bedroom to the living room,leaving the shirt on the floor.


Yesung decided to watch tv to forget that thing which reminded about Ryeowook just now.

Its just 15 minutes since Yesung started to watch the program (which actually he had no interest in) , until the bell of his apartment rang.

Yesung got up from his couch lazily....then he opened the front door of his apartment.

There he saw two young men...he didn’t know both of them.....one of them was tall,and the other one had a pretty face (which kinda reminded Yesung of Ryeowook again) and shorter than the first man.

“Hello....” , the shorter man started to speak , “Are you Kim Yesung-sshi?” , he asked.

“Yes....” , answered Yesung. “is there anything you want from me?” , he asked.

The shorter man turned to the taller man,and the latter nodded.

“My name is Lee Sungmin,and this man beside me is Cho Kyuhyun....we are....Ryeowook’s bestfriends....”

Yesung froze for a while after hearing that name.

“Umm...sorry,Yesung-sshi?” , said Sungmin as he tried to get Yesung’s attention.

“Uh,yes,sorry...” , Yesung finally noticed that Sungmin was talking to him.

“So,Ryeowook’s friends,huh?Whats wrong?” , Yesung said it calmly even though he felt a mixed feelings inside.

“There is something we want to talk about Ryeowook.” , said the taller man,who was introduced by Sungmin as Kyuhyun.

“O...oh,yes...how about you two get inside first?” , offered Yesung.

And so,they started to talk on Yesung’s living room.

“We have something to give to you...” , Sungmin started , “Its from Ryeowook....” , he said as he picked something out from his bag.

Yesung felt confused and disappointed.

What is the thing Ryeowook wanted to give him?

hy didn’t he just go by himself alone to give it to Yesung instead?

“Here” , Sungmin handed Yesung a thick notebook.

Yesung’s birthday’ was written at the cover of the notebook.

“What is this?” , Yesung asked the two men,he still felt confused.

“Please open it first Yesung-sshi...its from Ryeowook...” , said Kyuhyun.

Yesung did as Kyuhyun told.He opened the book slowly...his heart was beating so fast.

He was Afraid,Worried,and Curious about what Ryeowook wrote in that Book.

Yesung looked at the first page,Its filled with a photo of him and Ryeowook with his friends in high school.

‘Yesung’s 18h birthday’ was written on it.

Yesung started to read the text written on that page.

“The first time I spent your birthday with you was on your 18th birthday.I was really shy at that time because I had a long time crush to you....we were classmates,but you know....we were not that close.

Do you know?I was really happy when you asked the whole members of our class,including me to celebrate your birthday together.

Its the first time we really talked....

I could not help to fall in love with you more....

I was really glad we talked at that time...because its the beginning of ‘us’,Yesung.....”

After he finished reading the text,memories of the first time he spent his birthday with Ryeowook flashed into his mind.


“Ryeowook-sshi,do you want to join us?” , Yesung asked the quite boy who was sitting on his chair,reading his book quietly.

Ryeowook turned his attention from the book to Yesung,a slight blush appeared on his cheek. “E...Eh?Join you what?”, Ryeowook replied him nervously.He was really nervous because he was talking to his long crush time.

“To celebrate my birthday!” , answered Yesung excitedly , “The whole class will also join,or maybe you have any plan after school?”

“No...No!” , Ryeowook exclaimed immediately.

Yesung smiled , “Lets go then!” , said Yesung as he pulled Ryeowook’s hand.

~end of flashback~

Yesung opened the next page , a photo of him with Ryeowook was sticked onto the page.

‘Yesung’s 19th birthday’
was written on it.

“Your 19th birthday was the first time we spent your birthday together since we started to date.

I was really confused about what to give to you at that time.

Do you know?One of our classmate said that I should give myself to you...he is crazy!kekeke.

In the end,I really gave myself to you...

But I didn’t regret,because you’re the only person I want give myself to....

I will never forget that day we spent together,Yesung....never....”

The next page was ‘Yesung’s 20th birthday’

Another photo of him and Yesung was sticked onto the page.It was taken at Ryeowook’s bedroom.Ryeowook’s wearing pajama in that photo.Yesung chuckled a bit when he saw the photo.

“Your 20th birthday,we were really busy with our university at that time.

I was really afraid we wouldn’t be able to celebrate it together....

I rushed to finish all my assignments at that time...but I ended up getting sick...I’m sorry Yesung...I was so useless....I didn’t even get anything for your birthday at that time.

And you ended up taking care of me in my house on your birthday....”


“I’m sorry Yesung....” , Ryeowook said while laying limply on his bed...his face red flushed and he let out coughs sometimes.

Yesung smiled , “What’s to sorry about,Wookie?” , he held Ryeowook’s hand gently , “Its my duty to take care of you after all...”

“But today is your birthday...you’re supposed to celebrate your birthday Yesung,but now you’re taking care of your useless,sick boyfriend....” , Ryeowook exclaimed.

Yesung frowned , “Don’t call yourself like that!I don’t like it...beside.... I don’t wanna celebrate my birthday while you’re laying in your bed like this.What I care about is I’m spending my birthday with you,and only you” , Yesung said as he smiled gently.

Ryeowook’s face that had been red became more red because of Yesung’s words , “You’re so cheesy Yesung....” , Ryeowook smiled at his boyfriend

“But,Thank you very much Yesung,I love you....”

~end of Flashback~

Next page , ‘Yesung’s 21th birthday’ , a photo of the two of them eating cake was sticked onto the page.

“I was so happy on Your 21th birthday

Because I finally be able to do something for your birthday at that time.

Do you remember?I baked a cake for you and brought it to your house.”


“This is really delicious Wookie!” , Yesung said as he continued to eat the cake.

“Really?Thank you...I’m glad....” , Ryeowook didn’t continue to eat his cake,he was looking at his happy boyfriend instead.

“Yeah!I really love this!You will make such a good wife,Wookie-ah!” , Yesung grinned.

“W...what?” , Ryeowook was surprised , “Wife?Wife?What is in your mind Yesung?”

Yesung frowned , “You don’t want to be my wife?” , he asked Ryeowook with a serious look in his face.

Ryeowook blushed because his boyfriend was looking at him with that serious look , “I...I didn’t say that I don’t want to...but...wife...it sounds....wrong?” , said Ryeowook,still blushing.

“Awww...you’re so cute when you’re blushing” , Yesung stopped eating,reaching his boyfriend to plant a kiss on Ryeowook’s lips.

~end of Flashback~

Next,Yesung’s 22th birthday.A photo of Ryeowook with Yesung and Yesung’s family was sticked onto the page.

Yesung started to read the text.

“Its the year when you finally graduated from your college.

Do you remember we had a fight 2 weeks before your birthday?

I was mad at you because you were really busy regarding your graduation and seldom contacting me.

I was really upset...I was even planning to not going to your graduation.

But then you came to my house,bringing a bouquette of roses,and apologized.

You’re lucky I forgave you at that time!Kekeke.

And on your birthday,we had a dinner with your family.

Do you know?I was so happy at that time...I felt closer with you...and I became close with your family too.

I was really happy they accepted me...

I never told you this,but I was really afraid of meeting your family at first,I was afraid they would not accept me,and I could not be with you anymore,Yesung.

I love you,Yesung...and I love your parents and your brother too.....How I wish someday I could be the part of your family....”

Next page,Yesung’s 23th birthday.A self taken photo of him and Ryeowook was sticked onto the page.

“At the beginning of that year,you finally got a job.

And we started to live together in our apartment at that year too.

I only gave you a simple shirt for your birthday present at that time.

But I cooked a lot for your birthday...all your favourite foods....once again,I was really glad you loved my cooking.

We had a simple,yet romantic dinner in the dining room of our apartment.

That was a moment I really treasure.Of course,I always treasure every moment I spent with you.But that moment was really special to me...I don’t know why.....

It felt like there was only the two of us in this world at that time....

I would never forget that moment,Yesung....never...”

After he finished reading the text,Yesung remembered he just thrown that shirt on his bedroom floor.

And he remembered his anger too....

Was not Ryeowook the one who asked to break up with him?

Why now ryeowook giving him this?

To remind Yesung of him?

To hurt Yesung with these unforgotable beautiful memories of them?

Yesung paused reading the book for a while.

The two men noticed this. “Yesung sshi?Whats wrong?” , Sungmin asked him.

“I...I’m not going to continue to read this” , said Yesung.

“W...what?Why?” , said Sungmin,surprised.

“I’m not going to continue reading this until Ryeowook shows himself to me,alone.”,exclaimed Yesung.

Sungmin’s expression changed,and Yesung noticed tears started to flowing from Sungmin’s voice.

Kyuhyun noticed this and went to hug the crying man. “Minnie,please don’t cry now...please...” , said Kyuhyun as he tried to comfort Sungmin.

Still hugging Sungmin,Kyuhyun shot Yesung a serious look , “Yesung sshi...please,just continue to read it...its not for us....its for Ryeowook and for you too...please....” , Kyuhyun pleaded.

Yesung was confused with the situation,he had no choice to continue reading the book.

He flipped to the next page,’Yesung’s 24th birthday’ was written on it,and another self taken photo of him and Ryeowook was sticked onto the page.

“We went to a concert on your 24th birthday.Remember?

Actually it was kinda awkward.

Well,its your birthday and I was the one who bought the concert ticket for the two of us.

But it was my favourite artist,and watching my favourite artist on your birthday was really weird.

I regretted giving you that ticket concert at that time,but then you said a cheesy thing again,saying that anything I like would be your liking too.

Sometimes I wonder if its me who gives the presents on your birthday,or is it me who’s given the presents by you on your birthday?

I’m sorry if I was not good enough for you,Yesung.....but you’re the most wonderful thing that god ever gave to me....I love you,Yesung....”

After finished reading that page,Yesung started to wonder if Ryeowook really meant it when he wrote the texts....

Why did he leave him then?

Yesung continued to read the next page....’Yesung’s 25th birthday’ was written on the page,and another self taken photo of him and Ryeowook was sticked onto it.

“Your 25th birthday....do you remember you were so busy with your works at that time,Yesung?

I know it could not be helped since your work was important...but I was really upset because you seldom spent your time with me anymore....

It turned awkward on your birthday...I did not even prepare anything for your birthday,I didn’t even be able to say “Happy birthday” when I woke up in the morning....I’m really sorry Yesung....

But then you asked me to go out...and then we went to a park...sitting there together without caring about how long the time we had spent at that park.

Once again,it felt like there was only the two of us in this world.

At that moment,I thought our love would last forever...

I thought ‘We’ would last forever....”


Yesung and Ryeowook sat together in the wide green park....watching the view around them.

There were only silence beetwen them at first,until Yesung broke the silence.

“Wookie-ah,what is the most important thing to you in this world?” , said Yesung as he moved closer to Ryeowook and wrapped his arm around Ryeowook’s slender waist.

Ryeowook leaned closer to Yesung,he always felt so safe with those strong arms around him.But he didn’t answer Yesung’s question.

“For me....” , Yesung started to speak , “The most important thing in this world is you,and only you....no one ever can replace your position in my heart and mind....”

Ryeowook blushed hearing those words came out from Yesung’s mouth.

“I....” , Ryeowook finally started to speak , “I think the same way as you,Yesung...you’re the most important thing in this world to me....I will never be able to stand if I lost you...”

Yesung smiled and moved one of his hand to caress Ryeowook’s cheek gently , “Don’t worry Wookie-ah...I will never leave you....you will never lost me...you will do the same too,right?” , said Yesung.

Ryeowook felt like wanted to cry at that time,he couldn’t speak any word,instead he turned his body to face Yesung and kissed him.

Ryeowook was the first to pull away , “I love you...Yesung....happy birthday...” , he said it softly.

~end of Flashback~

Yesung felt like wanted to cry...why?why did Ryeowook left him?If he didn’t leave him at that time,Yesung sure their love would last forever...and ever...

That year was the last year,the last birthday Yesung spent with Ryeowook...

Today,on his 26th birthday,Ryeowook was not here anymore....

Yesung moved to the next page.

There’s no photo sticked onto that page.

Yesung started to read the text.

“Yesung,happy birthday....happy 26th birthday.....

When you read this text,maybe I’ve left this world already....

I’m sorry Yesung...I left you without telling the truth....

I have a cancer...and the doctor told me I would not last long...

I decided to leave you with my cruel words....told you that I don’t love you anymore...

I don’t want to be a burden for you...thats why....

I wish you will forget me after I left you....

But in the end,I could not help to make this notebook.

I want to leave at least one word or more to you...

So you will know that I still love you,and I will still love you even if I leave this world.

But,please move on after I leave this world,okay,Yesung?

Please search for someone else to love....but please let me stay in your memory forever....

I know I’m so selfish for asking this Yesung

I love you,and I’ll love you forever

I’ll never forget the days and moments we spent together

I’m sorry,and once again...I love you...

Forever,I’m yours.....

Please be happy.....
~Kim Ryeowook “

Yesung had started crying when he was reading the last text from Ryeowook,and cried more when he finished reading the text...

“W...why?since when?” , Yesung tried to talk while crying.

“He...he just passed away last night,at 12 am.....” , said Kyuhyun , “He tried his best until the end...his family even brought him abroad to heal him...but nothing could save him........” , Kyuhyun continued,his voice was shaking.

Ryeowook was not here anymore...Ryeowook would not be in anywhere to be found

Ryeowook had left him...

Yesung only could cry loudly....he didn’t even care that Sungmin and Kyuhyun were still there.

In the first year of his birthday without Ryeowook,Ryeowook had left this world....

Ryeowook had left him...forever.....
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Uta: It Hurts-2NE1
kellsung: hug manilakellsung on January 8th, 2011 04:02 pm (UTC)
oh dear god, what have you done to me with this fic of yours?/ sobs forever.

i started crying halfway through the story cause i already guessed it'll end like this... and when i reached the end i was literally shedding big tears, and actually, I still am.

i don't usually read yewook with character death but i decided i might as well make an exception this time... i don't regret it because it's good to shed a few tears from time to time but OMG how damn sad you made me feel. /sobs some more.

yewook love is so beautiful, whatever the circumstances <3
ja_ka_saja_ka_sa on January 16th, 2011 04:59 pm (UTC)
^Tears are brimmin my eyes..and I'm tryin to hold them bak as i read the last sweet sad message from Ryewook....
Also becus my lil brother is sitting next to me...n I dont wanna look weird...but OMG if I could I would literally be drowned in tears....='[....

Beautiful but very sad fic ....keep up.
shineeaddictshineeaddict on January 30th, 2011 08:48 pm (UTC)
heart ache
omg why? That was so sad.. When Yesung started reading the last page was when i started crying. Not many writers can make me cry, but you did. I hope you keep writting, because i will keep an eye out for more of your work
muzobrig on April 11th, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

qiheming on April 12th, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
Great site, very impressive.