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14 June 2011 @ 10:13 pm
[Fanfic] Til The End  
Pairings : kinda broken!YeWook, friendship!Hyungshik/Ryeowook , KevShik
Fandoms : Super Junior,ZE:A
Rating : G/PG
Genre : Angst,a bit of Fluff 
Warning : Bad english,Grammar errors,and maybe OOC ^-^;

“Yes hyung,I’ve eaten already,don’t worry.How could you expect me to forget eating?hahaha”
Ryeowook heard Hyungshik’s sweet voice speaking,they were currently on rehearsal break.

He looked at his hoobae and saw him talking to someone on the phone

“I miss you too Kevin hyung,take care....just go to sleep,don’t wait for me.its late.We have emka tomorrow” ,

“I love you too,good night...” and with that,Hyungshik hung the phone up .

He turned forward and see Ryeowook looking at him while smiling.

“Ah,sorry hyung,I did not notice you’re here” , said Hyungshik .

Ryeowook just smiled , “Its okay Hyungshik-ah,you were calling someone important,weren’t you?”

Hyungshik immediately blushed hearing Ryeowook’s words , “Uh....yeah...how did you know hyung?”

Ryeowook kept smiling , “You sound so different when you’re talking to him.Is he your bandmate?”

“...really?I did not notice that.......and...errr...yeah...” , Hyungshik sounded hesitated when he answered Ryeowook

Ryeowook patted Hyungshik’s shoulder and took a seat beside the younger man , “Don’t worry Hyungshik-ah,I have someone like that too,and he is my bandmate too...” , Ryeowook smiled,but Hyungshik noticed there’s sadness in his smile.

He wondered why,but he decided not to ask because he didn’t want to be rude to his sunbae.And so he decided to change the topic as he saw Ryeowook playing with his phone.

“What are you doing hyung,twitter?” , Hyungshik asked .

“Yes,I’m uploading the photo I took with the other hyungs earlier”.

Ryeowook then asked Hyungshik , “Do you have twitter account,Hyungshik-ah?”

“Ah,no,aside of Kwanghee-hyung,we Ze:a members share one account together”

“I see....ah!lets take a photo together!” , Ryeowook motioned Hyungshik to come closer to him and started taking photos with his cellphone,when they’re going to take another photo, Hyungshik hugged him from behind .

But Ryeowook immediately froze.Scared of Ryeowook’s reaction,Hyungshik immediately let go of Ryeowook.

“S...Sorry hyung!Did you feel uncomfortable?I tend to do that to people around me...so.....” , Hyungshik tried to apologize , “I’m sorry hyung....”

Ryeowook finally reacted , “No,no,no,Hyungshik-ah,its not your fault” , Ryeowook waved his hands “....its just......it has been a while since someone hugged me like that.......and you....remind me of that someone...”

Hyungshik could not help but felt even more guilty hearing that.Ryeowook noticed Hyungshik is frowning and held Hyungshik’s cheek.

“Its not your fault,Hyungshik-ah.Please don’t frown like that,it’ll ruin your beautiful face” , Ryeowook joked.

Hyungshik laughed hearing that from Ryeowook . “You are more beautiful than me,hyung”

“But you’re more good looking than me”

“No,you’re more good looking than me.If I don’t have Kevin hyung,I would like to date you” , Hyungshik joked.

Ryeowook stayed silent for a while,then the sad smile appeared again.

Hyungshik now wanted to smack his own head because it seemed he just said something wrong to his sunbae.

“I would be happy if I had a boyfriend like you,Hyungshik-ah” , Ryeowook looked at his hoobae , “Your lover is really lucky to have you...”

Hyungshik blushed upon hearing ‘lover’ word.Its true that Kevin was his lover,but somehow it felt different when someone directly mentioned about that to him.

“Now,lets continue taking the pics,shall we?”

“....Hyungshik-ah...can you hug me again?”

Hyungshik was surprised to hear his sunbae’s request , “...are you sure hyung?”

Ryeowook smiled , “Yes,its nice to be hugged like that.Beside,I’m sure the fans will like it.” , Ryeowook winked.Hyungshik just giggled,he understood what did his sunbae mean.

They’ve done taking the photos,and after hesitating for a while,Hyungshik finally decided to ask Ryeowook .

“Hyung...I’m sorry....but...may I ask who’s that ‘someone’...?Its okay if you don’t wanna tell me about that.Anyway I don’t mean to be rude or what...but...” , before Hyungshik finished his words,Ryeowook cut him.

“Its Yesung-hyung,my fellow Super Junior member...........Yesungie-hyung...” Ryeowook smiled at Hyungshik .

“.......Ah....Yesung sunbae...?”

“Yes,you know him?”

“He was the DJ of Super Junior’s radio,right?I met him once when Kevin hyung and I guested there.” , Hyungshik explained .

“Oh,yes,he became the DJ there when some of us stayed in Taiwan at that time.” , Ryeowook responded.
“What’s happening between you and him,hyung?”

Ryeowook showed that sad smile again “We have been dating ...since long time ago....but I guess,as time passed,his feeling for me is slowly fading...”

“......why?” , Hyungshik asked hesitantly,he didn’t want to hurt Ryeowook’s feeling.

“...I don’t know...I guess he is bored of me.We even used to share a bedroom,but then I moved out.I really....really can’t understand him.Sometimes he acted like how everything used to be,but then the other times he would ignore me.......like I was nothing to him....” , Ryeowook’s eyes are slowly tearing up.

Hyungshik did not know how to do,he just kept silence,and again,he was feeling guilty because he was the one asked Ryeowook about what is happening.

Ryeowook wiped his tears and smiled , “Hyungshik-ah,you’re frowning again.I didn’t tell you this to make you frown,smile,smile”

Hyungshik pouted , “You yourself is crying hyung....”

Ryeowook pinched Hyungshik’s cheek “Here,I’m smiling,so you should smile too,okay?You’re really cute...”



“...I...I...maybe I should not say this....but....when Kevin hyung and I guested on the radio....I saw Yesung Sunbae kept checking on his cellphone......because I was curious,I asked him why,and he said he was waiting for a call or message from his lover,then Leeteuk sunbae said that his lover was in taiwan...so maybe...he was talking about you........”

There was silence for a while,none of them spoke,til Hyungshik broke the silence.

“....Believe in him,hyung...”


“Believe in him,hyung,believe in his heart.You have been with him for a long time,right?Beside,he never said that you and him have ended...believe in him,hyung,try to believe in him til the end....” , Hyungshik said while holding Ryeowook’s hand.

Ryeowook hugged Hyungshik all of sudden,Hyungshik was startled at first because Ryeowook hugged him tightly .

“Thank you,Hyungshik-ah,thank you....” , Ryeowook whispered as he buried his face on Hyungshik’s chest


The Next day,in ZE:A’s dorm

Kevin slowly opened his eyes,he felt someone was staring at him.He immediately sat up ,and noticed that was Hyungshik staring at him.

“What’s wrong?You woke up so early,aren’t you tired?” , Kevin caressed his lover’s cheek.

Hyungshik held Kevin’s hand which was caressing his cheek , “Kevin hyung...” , Hyungshik began , “We have been together,for more than one year....”

“Yes,we are.What’s wrong shikkie?” , Kevin was confused.

“Will we always be together,hyung?” , Hyungshik asked.

Kevin raised his eyebrow,he didn’t understand why was Hyungshik asking something like that all of sudden.

“Why?Is there something wrong?” , Kevin asked him back.

“....just answer my question hyung....”

Kevin wrapped his arms around the younger boy and placed his lips close to his ear.

“Yes,we will always be together.....always...” , he whispered

“Til the end...?” , Hyungshik asked again.

“Yes,til the end....” , after Kevin said that,he placed a kiss on his lover’s forehead.


In Super Junior’s dorm,Ryeowook’s room.

Ryeowook just woke up,he picked his cellphone and went to check his twitter.

He took a look at his mentions,so many mentions from fans,and most of them were commenting about the photo of him and Hyungshik he posted last night.

He went to his timeline,and saw a tweet from Yesung.He just tweeted 2 hours ago,he tweeted about his upcoming song with Jang Hyejin.

“Believe in him,hyung,try to believe in him til the end...” , Hyungshik’s words echoed in his mind.
He decided to type something.

“I’ll look forward to it,hyung ^^”

He tweeted that,responding to Yesung’s tweet.

He placed his cellphone on his bed and buried his head on his pillow.

Yes,he would wait,he would keep waiting for Yesung,til the end.


A/N : I'm sorry for such a bad ending,I could not think of any good ending,so I decided to hang YeWook's relationship like that u___u.I'm pretty new to ZE:A,so sorry if I made Hyungshik and Kevin so OOC here ^^;
And yes,this was inspired by Ryeowook's tweet last nite and today :3
Although I've wanted to write yewook,kevshik,and ryeoshik in one fanfic since I knew that Wook and Shik were going to be in one musical

Doko?: my room
Kimochi: happyhappy
Uta: Heart for 2-ZE:A
cedelilycedelily on July 17th, 2011 01:41 am (UTC)
The Kevshik is so CUTE! *Drowns in cuteness*

Ryeowook and Yesung's relationship will be fine right?